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Affiliates, Friends and Family Program

You have arrived on this page because one of our affiliates, friends or family have provided you with a special link that gives you a special discount on The Yoga Pass.  After you register, as a special thank you, you will receive your first class free (this is a $9.99 gift for clicking that special link**).  After that, each class is the normal rate of $9.99.

**Please note that this gift only works when you sign up from this page.  If you close the browser now and come back later to the website, you wont have access to this special gift unless you come from the original referring link again.  You can sign up by filling out the form on this page. Thank you.

How it works and pricing

Become a member of The Yoga Pass for $29.99 per month and practice anywhere for $9.99 per class. For way less than an unlimited contract at any studio you can practice anywhere and only pay for what you use. Check out new studios and styles or follow a favorite teacher all while giving back. Become a member and log in on your smart phone to check in to a studio. No commitments!

The Yoga Pass

Subscribe to The Yoga Pass using the form below.  You will be asked for credit card info through a secure subscription form on the next page.  Thank you for becoming a member.

Studio Info

We are constantly expanding and bringing new studios on board as partners. If you have a favorite studio or know of one that you would like us to reach out and bring aboard, please let us know who they are and how to reach them. The more info, the better. And if they come on board then you will be able to use your Yoga Pass there as many times you wish.

In order to take a class you have to become a subscriber. You must register as a subscriber to do this