Skip the gym, find a yoga studio

Skip the gym, find a yoga studio

The popularity of yoga is increasing daily in the USA. Yoga is a replacement for the gym and there are different yoga styles for different ages. Society has told us that we need to beat out bodies up with weights and crazy boot camp. Forget that, Try yoga out, you will not be disappointed.

Yoga can be cardiovascular, strengthening, toning, and stress relieving depending on what style you choose. Unlike the gym it is not taxing on the body and you will actually look forward to class! Ready to start?

There are many places on the internet you can find a yoga studio. If you google or search on Yelp “find a yoga studio” in my area, many will come up. You can also check out and become a member and try out many different studios. Don’t give up on finding a yoga studio for you!

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Studio Info

We are constantly expanding and bringing new studios on board as partners. If you have a favorite studio or know of one that you would like us to reach out and bring aboard, please let us know who they are and how to reach them. The more info, the better. And if they come on board then you will be able to use your Yoga Pass there as many times you wish.

In order to take a class you have to become a subscriber. You must register as a subscriber to do this