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Partner Studio Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Studio Partnership and Agreement to Provide Service

This agreement is made between The Yoga Pass TM, LLC, 112 Main Road Building 1, Montville, NJ 07045, a seller of multi-class yoga passes hereinafter “The Yoga Pass”; and the yoga studio that is named in the registration pages to follow, hereinafter “STUDIO.”


  1. The above named STUDIO will be compensated by THE YOGA PASS at the rate of $9.99 per class (minus fees totaling 0.99 cents for transactions and charity) paid directly to the STUDIO through the STUDIO’S account with Payments Gateway, a Merchant Service. Payments will be distributed on the 30th of each month. THE YOGA PASS will pay the STUDIO after the accrual of a minimum of three (3) classes or 4 months. In the event that the STUDIO has less than three (3) classes in a one-month period, payment will be distributed at the time that the three (3) class minimum reimbursement has been met. There will be a $1.00 check processing fee if the studio does not integrate their account to be paid through the automatic payment gateway.
  2. The STUDIO agrees to accept the THE YOGA PASS as full payment for an individual yoga class from existing clients and new clients (hereinafter, “CLIENT”).
  3. THE YOGA PASS will provide the STUDIO with a listing on The Yoga and an individual page to be managed by the STUDIO. The STUDIO must register on The Yoga with a username and password. The STUDIO will then have access to their own vendor portal, which is a page on The Yoga The STUDIO will have its own unique page name and be able to manage the content on this page which will include: Name of studio, Avatar/Image, Tagline, Description, Contact information, Manual scheduling, Map, Link to studio website, Active/Inactive option.
  4. The STUDIO will have access to their Account History including a list of members, first name, last name, date of visit and if that visit was paid, a total on unpaid visits and all paid visits.
  5. The STUDIO will receive an email confirmation from THE YOGA PASS when a CLIENT has checked themselves into the STUDIO. The STUDIO will automatically be credited for the class. The CLIENT will show a green pass on their phone at the studio confirming the class has been paid for. The green pass will show studio name, date and time.
  6. The STUDIO, its heirs or legal representatives forever release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue THE YOGA PASS for any injury or death caused by negligence or other acts. THE YOGA PASS is not responsible for injury or damage incurred by CLIENTS.
  7. This represents the entire agreement between THE YOGA PASS and the STUDIO. This agreement shall be effective on the date hereof and shall continue, unless terminated sooner in accordance with Clause 10a-c.

Either party may terminate this agreement upon notice in writing if:

  • The other is in breach of any material obligation contained in this agreement, and said breach is not remedied within 30 days of written notice from the other Party; or either party files bankruptcy or any analogous procedure in the country of incorporation of either party.
  • The STUDIO may terminate this contract by sending written notice of the reason for termination to THE YOGA PASS. THE YOGA PASS will terminate the contract with the STUDIO within 30 days of receipt of this notice.
  • THE YOGA PASS may terminate this contract if THE YOGA PASS receives over three complaints from CLIENTS in one calendar year regarding satisfaction with the STUDIO. THE YOGA PASS will give the STUDIO detailed notice via email each time a complaint is received and 30 days to remedy the nature of the complaint. If three complaints for the same STUDIO are received within a consecutive 365-day period, THE YOGA PASS will terminate the contract within 30 days of receipt of the third complaint.

When you register a studio on, you acknowledge that you have read the above agreement and fully understand its contents and certify that you are an authorized representative of the STUDIO that you are registering on THE YOGA PASS website.

If you have additional questions or concerns please contact The Yoga Pass.

Studio Info

We are constantly expanding and bringing new studios on board as partners. If you have a favorite studio or know of one that you would like us to reach out and bring aboard, please let us know who they are and how to reach them. The more info, the better. And if they come on board then you will be able to use your Yoga Pass there as many times you wish.

In order to take a class you have to become a subscriber. You must register as a subscriber to do this