Become A Partner Studio

Become a Partner Studio with The Yoga Pass and The Yoga Pass customers can attend your classes.  There is no cost for you to sign up.  It takes less than 1 min.  Its simple.  Fill out the form on the right and your done.

We do the marketing to generate attendance and we send people to your studio.  When someone attends your class, we pay you the partner fee of $9.00* per class visit.

It works like this.

  1. You become a partner
  2. A student shows up to take a class
  3. They authorize the class on their mobile phone and show you a GREEN status bar with the current date and time (see screenshot).
  4. Your account is immediately credited for their visit
  5. You let them take the class.
  6. You get paid for that visit.
* If you enroll in direct deposit to get paid for drop-ins to your studio then you receive the full amount of the partner fee paid to you.  If you are not enrolled in direct deposit, there is a $1 check processing fee and you will receive a paper check in the mail instead.

Studio Info

We are constantly expanding and bringing new studios on board as partners. If you have a favorite studio or know of one that you would like us to reach out and bring aboard, please let us know who they are and how to reach them. The more info, the better. And if they come on board then you will be able to use your Yoga Pass there as many times you wish.

In order to take a class you have to become a subscriber. You must register as a subscriber to do this